Gračanica: Family Farm – Slope of the Fireflies

Slope of the fireflies is an initiative of family Vugdelic. They are a city-born family of highly educated and well travelled persons, who decided to live a life that is more in tune with the nature, as well as preserve local values, traditions, natural heritage and share them with the world. The farm is located … Continue reading Gračanica: Family Farm – Slope of the Fireflies

Balj and Pisevo

Balj and Piševo, mountains that stretch over Andrijevica villages Seoce and Gracanica, are very interesting when it comes to mountain biking, and this route is the missing link to complete a network of Andrijevca biking trails. The route is rich with beautiful vantage points of the valley of Lim, Andrijevica, Komovi and Zeletin and on … Continue reading Balj and Pisevo

Rikavačko Lake – Jošanica

This is a very interesting biking trail that passes the actual border area with Albania through whole zone of the newly formed regional nature park “Komovi”. Aside from phenomenal beauty one will encounter on each its meter, it is also strategically very important because it connects two national biking trails TT4 and TT3 and the … Continue reading Rikavačko Lake – Jošanica

CS3: Crni vrh – Veliđe

We recommend this route for all seasons, though we liked it most in autumn, during the Indian summer, when the colors go crazy and leaves rustles underfoot, when shephers return from summer pastures the village meadows become noisy with the sound of sheep, when brandy making season starts and orchards are bowed under the weight … Continue reading CS3: Crni vrh – Veliđe

Zeletin Circle

Zeletin is a great mountain that belongs to the Prokletije range, and extends from Andrijevica to Gusinje and Andrijevica village – Kuti. Zeletin is home to one of the best preserved biodiversity in Montenegro, very interesting terrain on where cliffs and ridges constantly alternate, valleys and ravines, meadows and ponds, deciduous and evergreen forests full … Continue reading Zeletin Circle

Lubnice – Crna glava

The greatest Bjelasica peak Crna Glava (2139m), from Berane direction is usually reached either from katun Pesica Rupa  or from the mountain lodge Suvodo through Ursulovac. Both directions are characterized by long walking through gravel roads which in the summer months tend to be busy and full of jeeps, motorcycle or truck for forest exploitation, … Continue reading Lubnice – Crna glava