Free Climbing in Mojkovac


Width : 43 ° 1’41 .36 ” Н
Length: 19 ° 23’40 .18 ” Е

Recommendations: Agreeable surroundings, pleasant shade during most of the day, perfect quality of the rock

Climbing site in Dobrilovina is situated net to Djuro’s cave, really a rock shelter where a first classroom in the area of the longest Montenegrin river was opened in 1870. Although the climbing area is very close to the road to Zabljak, the greatness of the Tara canyon gives it a special charm. It has almost perfect quality of the rock and a very nice wall base. The rock is one of the rare ones that are in the shade for the most of the day and therefore is very suitable to use during summer times. It has basic infrastructure (wooden desk and benches). There are 35 routes at the site so far. Those are quality routes mainly for medium and more advanced climbers.

How To Get There?

Dobrilovina is about thirty kilometres away from the nearest town- Mojkovac. It is on the well known attractive tourist road to Zabljak, following the flow and canyon of the Tara river. The climbing site is near the campsite. The village of Dobrilovina is known for the monastery of the same name from the beginning of the 17th century. Many folk tales speak of the wealth of the monastery that hosted the first school in the region of Potarje.


The nearest accommodation is in the camp on the bank of the Tara. In towns, small hotels or private accommodation in Mojkovac, more luxurious in Zabljak or Kolasin. Village Dobrilovina deserves to spend time in. Even its name says that it is on a good spot and has things to offer. Good air, romantic moonlight over wonderful canyon of the Tara, and kind hosts will make your stay for free climbing even more complete.

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