Lubnice – Crna glava

The greatest Bjelasica peak Crna Glava (2139m), from Berane direction is usually reached either from katun Pesica Rupa  or from the mountain lodge Suvodo through Ursulovac. Both directions are characterized by long walking through gravel roads which in the summer months tend to be busy and full of jeeps, motorcycle or truck for forest exploitation, … Continue reading Lubnice – Crna glava

Kralje: Rural Household – Perovic Fish-Pond

Perovic family lives in Kralje village, in Andrijevica. Near their family house, at the bank of Kraljstica river, there is a fishpond, and they have built a traditional building that looks like a horn, which serves as place t gather people and serve homemade specialties. At their land there are many fruit trees that offer … Continue reading Kralje: Rural Household – Perovic Fish-Pond

Biogradska gora: Two Peaks And Five Lakes Route

National park BiogradskaGora, once an ordinary excursion and picnic site centered around Biogradsko Lake, eventually grew into a real outdoor center that offers a variety of opportunities for recreation in the entire territory of this beautiful and unique national good. Along with accommodation possibility in bungalows, camps, mountain lodges and eco summer pastures, visitors have … Continue reading Biogradska gora: Two Peaks And Five Lakes Route

Enchanting Forests Of Kaludra

Village Kaludra (11km, 885m) is one of the favorite destinations Berane bikers. The characteristics of this routes are paved road, moderate mileage in both directions (22 km) and climb that anyone in a remotely moderate shape can handle. When you pass the suburb of Luge and the village of Donja Ržanica, you will ride through … Continue reading Enchanting Forests Of Kaludra

Brezojevice: Rural Household – Velemun

Since his childhood days, Mico was passionate about hiking and got to know every footstep of Prokletije Mountains. For decades he shared his passion for nature with younger generations working as a professor of biology in Plav. For many years he has been carrying the plants from Prokletije in his mountain backpack and so little … Continue reading Brezojevice: Rural Household – Velemun

Talanovci: Rural Household – Vuceljic Valley

At roughly 5 km from Andrijevica, forest road leads to the village Talanovci, and on its sunny side lies the property Vučeljić. Quiet garden full of home grown fruit is intertwined with wilderness of the forest that surrounds it. Vuceljic family hs decided some years ago to initiate certification procedure for organic production of fruit, … Continue reading Talanovci: Rural Household – Vuceljic Valley

Kralje: Ruraral Household – Kralje Hut

” Kraljska koliba ” – you’ll come to this signpost along the road at the entrance to Andrijevica. Follow the signalization and you will soon find yourself in the summer garden that overwhelms with freshness and clean air. Cirovic family built a comfortably equipped hut for guests, where you will enjoy viewing at Komovi Mountains … Continue reading Kralje: Ruraral Household – Kralje Hut

Bistrica: Rural Household – Small Village Dolac

The house of the Cindrak family is situated at an altitude of 900m above sea level, at the foot of hill called Kurilo. Azra and Sadik Cindrak have a beef cattle breeding and milk producing farm for a number of years. It is a big farm, this year they have 35 heads of cattle, and … Continue reading Bistrica: Rural Household – Small Village Dolac

Bistrica: Rural Household – Green Valley

The home of Hajrija and Mifto Pilica in Bistrica is ideal for a family holiday. It is all there: comfortable rooms, a table in the yard where one can have breakfast with the birds singing, a spring, meadow, animals, mesmerizing air. All to help the guest, both parents and children, to completely relax and relinquish … Continue reading Bistrica: Rural Household – Green Valley